Welcome to MK Skeptics

Welcome to the all new MK Skeptics at the Pub website and with it a breath of fresh air, drying virtual paint and a two new faces.

Axel Segebrecht2015-03-29 20.11.07Please allow me to introduce ourselves – Lydia & Axel – to the group, that we joined in March to help organise events and promote the Milton Keynes Skeptics group.

This new website hopes to become the home for all things skeptical in Milton Keynes, promoting science and critical enquiry. We are looking to move away from using Facebook for group communication as it is restrictive and we are not fully in control of matters. You can find new discussion forums and live IRC-style chat thanks to Slack.com along regular monthly social meetups and interesting talks once a month – all at our new home at MK Social in central Milton Keynes.

The new digital home for our group aims to pull together all feeds, such as Facebook and Twitter as well as provide in-depth information on events, speakers and related media such as podcasts. This new articles section is looking to curate topics of interest from around the World and you are very welcome to contribute by writing articles too – simply register and get in touch using the contact form.

10830744_1744846205739737_7645442755179274350_o We also hold monthly quick surveys to gauge what matters to you, so we can make sure we get you more of what you want. You can always find the latest survey at bit.ly/MKSkepticsSurvey and the results at bit.ly/MKSkepticsSurveyResults. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Last but not least, please make sure you are subscribing to our low-volume mailing list that will keep you informed of events, meetups, special notices and important news. All existing members are subscribed to it automatically and are encouraged to join this website too to be able to participate in all it offers (for example forums, tickets, chat).

We are looking forward to meeting you at our first new event with Richard Burdett on the 13th of May at MK Social. Why not say hello and introduce yourself too? 🙂