Site improvements for your added protection and privacy

Everything is now SSL encrypted by default (connections between this server and your browser) and further protections have been added to stop future attacks (we have been under attack for two weeks and I cannot think of a reason why… oh, wait).

Also, I have moved over everyone on our mailing list to a self-hosted version on this server, away from Mailchimp. This adds more control and privacy as well as making sure more emails get through to you.

Please be sure to add our new email address [email protected] to your address book and whitelist us in your spam filter.

Please update your bookmarks to In any case you should get automatically redirected to the secure version.

Last but not least, new registrations automatically get added to the mailing list, pending their confirmation. You do not need to be registered with this site to subscribe and I encourage you to use the form on bottom of the homepage to add yourself to our very low-volume mailing list.

I am looking forward to answering any questions and your feedback in the comments via our new forum.

Kind regards,