Carbon Dating – Skeptical Web Comic


Carbon Dating is the brain-child of Kyle Sanders and is a skeptical web comic exploring all manner of pseudo science. I recently became aware of this awesome comic whilst listening to The Prism Podcast and think you’ll love it too.

I am a regular listener of The Prism Podcast and their guests are always engaging and fun but Kyle was one of my faves, if not the favourite so far. I love the incredulity in his voice when he’s talking about quacks and various pseudoscience he encounters day to day. I think I may even have used a similar tone myself from time to time. When asked how he decides which topic to cover he replied ‘whatever is the frustration of the moment’ and there is lots to choose from. One of the characters is even based on a real life person, but thankfully not one he still sees. In addition to this, Facebook is a constant source of material for him, as every type of quackery and pseudoscience pops up right before your eyes.


He has cast of regular characters he uses throughout the comic and there is even a story arc. This is a great way to challenge people’s biases without being as confrontational as the usual skeptical avenues and You may even find yourself questioning some of the things you believe!
As you can imagine with this being a science/skeptical comic he spends an inordinate amount of time researching his material and gives citations and references with the stories.

Initially he was releasing 2 comics a week, each one taking up to 4 hours to complete but since a Kickstarter at TAM last year, where he raised the whole target amount in just three days, he’s upped that to 5! This now means he can explore subjects in much more detail. It is posted free online every week day, which they will continue to do until the money runs out. Of course you can help out by donating via Patreon

You can see it at It’s also been featured in The Token Skeptic and Skeptic Ink. In addition to this it has also been translated in to German! If you too want to know the true content of Chemtrails listen to the podcast, it’s a really great interview. You can follow the comic at Just The First Frame and Comic Rocket.

Plus if you’re quick there’s a caption competition that runs til Saturday 25th April. This is in conjunction with The Prism Podcast. What is something unscientific you would NOT want to hear from your dentist?