Join us on Sunday July 26th for a social summer picnic

UPDATE: Event moved to the Galleon pub on Old Wolverton Road, MK12 5NL, we will be there from about noon. hope to see you all there.

[three_fourth_last]This is going to be a Meet-up event, (not abducted, borrowed copied derived etc from the skeptics or humanists.). Just a little Sunday social picnic on Sunday 26th at The Secret Garden Wolverton the Galleon pub on Old Wolverton Road, MK12 5NL, weather permitting. The invitation is also going out to the MK Skeptics, the MK-humanists and the local Amnesty group. There will not be any agenda, this will be just a social picnic & an open invitation, feel free to bring friends, family, children, even pets if they are OK in a crowd. There is limited seating, so it maybe a good idea to bring a blanket, or maybe some folding chairs.

The place does not have a post code or an address, But just to make it interesting, the garden is at Latitude 52.0640 & Longitude -0.8045 (negative is west), One can get there by walking, cycling, car, bus, train, or even by canal. I suggest that we will meet around noon, that will give us a little time to get ready and feasting begins at about 1:00 pm.

In terms of food, we have two options, either bring a little packed lunch, Or we can simply order pizza to de delivered. For those who fancy pizza, I will be asking about £10 per pizza and order all together. As for the sweet, we ask everyone to bring a little something to share, preferably home made, (a chance to show off your favourite family recipes) but please aim not to bring more than a couple of servings than what you can eat yourselves otherwise we will end up with a lot of wasted food. We shall be providing a few paper plates, glasses and cutlery. Please do not bring food or drink to the Galleon pub.

Please note, there will be collection box handed round for the people who maintain the garden. If it rains on the day, It will cancelled, I shall say so on the Meet-up site and the MK-Humanist Facebook page. However we may reconvene at the Galleon pub on Old Wolverton Road.

Cheers to all.
Send on behalf of Dave P. (MK Humanists)

Kind regards,
Lydia & Axel Segebrecht