Are you skeptical about…

  • what you read in the paper?
  • UFOs and conspiracy theories?
  • psychics and mediums?
  • superstitions and ghosts?
  • religions?
  • the Loch Ness monster and Big Foot?
  • homeopathy and alternative medicine?
  • the claims of “anti-vaccinationers”?

You are not alone! Skeptics…

  • are open-minded, rational people who apply logic and reason to what they hear and read
  • believe that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence
  • like to de-bunk the pseudo-scientific rubbish portrayed in the media
  • love science and the wonders of the natural world
  • want to understand how life and the universe *really* works
  • are not cynical about everything
  • are prepared to accept there are mysteries and things we don’t yet understand
  • are prepared to change their minds if the evidence supports it
  • seek to educate and protect the general public against pseudo-science, quacks and harmful scams

Milton Keynes “Skeptics in the Pub” is a social gathering of like-minded people that is both fun and educational, with

  • occasional guest speakers. We welcome absolutely everyone, regardless of age, sex or belief. There is no membership, no joining or annual fees, and no commitment. (However, we may make a small charge when we have a guest speaker to cover the costs of the venue and the speaker’s expenses.)

    So come along. Did we mention we meet in a Pub?